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Vive la Difference

How great it is to be unique.

A new book caught my attention. Blue Print by Robert Plomin. It is about genetics and how much more than previously thought we are defined by our blue print rather than environmental or education factors according to geneticists. While it is fascinating (and scary) to see us humans from the side of science, I was wondering how important this really is. Certainly it can be used to open our minds to find ways to better support our uniqueness. Education comes to mind. How many possibilities we could open up if we were teaching with the idea that we all learn differently. So if it is true that no matter what we do we will always fall back to our default position, why don't we celebrate our being different and make it work for us. This is what coaching is really about. It creates awareness of who we are. By emotionally connecting to our inner selves we can unveil our excellence finding in us the keys to reach for success. How much easier it is to be unique. Let’s embrace our blue print rather that trying to follow the crowd. Vive la difference!

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