"I wish I had a coach back then..."

It's a common phrase I hear and one I've uttered. From Italy to London to New York, I've faced countless transitions in business and life.
I know what it's like to feel stuck in a career. To start over. To feel like I'm not living into my potential. But I've also experienced the hard work and fulfilling reward of embracing change.
It starts by understanding your story and listening to who you are. It leads to greater awareness of your gifts and strengths. You'll learn to overcome the blocks that halt progress. You'll disrupt old patterns and move forward with new ones. It's a continuous cycle.
My own transition journey led me to New York to become certified at the IPEC, one of the top programs in the U.S.
I'm committed to helping you navigate change, so you can live with purpose and write your own success story. 
The process is simple. It starts with a complimentary discovery session, followed by a custom plan, tailored to your unique needs. You can adapt to change, lead from within, and shape your future.

I listen. I ask questions. I help you organize your thoughts and shape your ideas. I hold you accountable.




I'm there for you between our scheduled sessions to provide additional support through email.

You are unique. Every approach is tailored to your needs and personality.


Simona is a wonderful coach, and a fantastic person with an outstanding personality, She appeared in my life in the moment when I most needed her and I didn’t know it. Working with her, gave me the chance to recognize and reconcile with my inner blocks in a very sweet and smooth way, taking me back to a place where I am full of potential. After three months I learned a lot about myself and now I can use those lessons in my favour. Thanks a lot Simona, I have so much gratitude with the job done!"

“I came to Simona in a period of great uncertainty. And in a period in which it felt like my industry was shifting underneath my feet with no idea of outcome, not to mention that the world at large felt incredibly unstable. She helped me to frame the moment, as well as find strength in my past experiences and gave me hope to drive forward.

I may not know what the future holds, but I feel more prepared to face it, in large part because she helped me understand myself better."

Kerrie Brewer

Creative Director


Carlos Andres Barrera

Digital Transformation Consultant



We'd love to explore how we can help you take control of your life and career.

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I help you adapt to change and lead from within, so you can shape your future.

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