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Born in Italy, Simona spent over 20 years in London coaching people how to learn better and more efficiently while at the same time boosting their self-confidence. Following her recent move to New York City, she decided to use the opportunity to refine her coaching skills and went through her own voyage of self- discovery at IPEC one of the best ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching programs in the United States. 

She thinks that our ever-changing society requires us to be flexible to cope with transitions from one role to another be this in the family or in the work environment, no matter how old we are or how well established and settled we feel. Having moved countries, career and roles several times, she believes that transitions can be an opportunity to explore different possibilities previously unknown to us and are stressful only when we feel we cannot navigate the change.
She sees that the pressure to fulfil expectations or to follow trends forces us to put aside who we truly are and what we want to be.  A true believer in the idea that we can achieve success only by being authentic.

Simona is passionate about the dynamics of communication and how we can be more effective in promoting our image,

She attentively follows developments in politics, the economy and social trends from both an American and a European perspective.
Having worked in London with people from all over the world she offers an international and refreshing approach.


Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner (ELI- MP) certified

COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ Specialist (CLDS) certified 

COR.E Transitions Dynamics™ Specialist (CLDS) Certified 

What People Say 

Presenting the real essence of yourself to the world seems like an easy task but, without someone guiding you, it could be a real challenge. Simona guides you through all the steps necessary to create the perfect image for your persona, business, or brand. Highly recommended.

Sergio Mannino, Principal, NYC

Simona made the coaching experience enjoyable and was excellent at guiding our discussions.I would highly recommend her for anyone that is considering a change in their working life.

Max G. Financial Analyst, London

After meeting Simona, I realized that a fresh perspective could open new horizons regardless of my 35+ years experience as

a successful Insurance Broker.   Simona provided me with practical strategies and methods that enabled me to achieve

positive results with confidence.  She has made me more self-aware so that I can advance beyond what I thought was possible.    

 Diana Eglin,  Insurance Broker, NYC

Simona immediately made me feel comfortable about addressing the issues I have been dealing with and more importantly

finding solutions I could put into action. She listens intensely and gives you just enough courage to find it in yourself to do what you

know you needed to do all along. I highly recommend her services and will definitely be coming to her again for support on this

journey of career and life.

 Zadrian Smith, Int. Fashion Director, London, LA 

Simona is a wonderful coach, and a fantastic person with an outstanding personality, She appeared in my life in the moment  when I most needed her and I didn’t know it. Working with her, gave me the chance to recognise and reconcile with my inner blocks in a very sweet and smooth way, taking me back to a place where I am full of potential. After three months I learned a lot about myself and now I can use those lessons in my favour. Thanks a lot Simona, I have so much gratitude with the job done!

Carlos Andres Barrera, Digital Transformation Consultant, Miami

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