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Testing Times

What are you made of.

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What are the benefits of an assessment? What do you expect to find in your results? It is probably something you already know. Whatever industry you work in you have probably been hired according to a job description that lists your qualities.

Still there maybe a time when you need to have a look in the mirror. Several reasons. You might be under pressure. Maybe the adrenaline fuelled excitement is just turned into fatigue. You might be going through personal changes that causes you to question your sense of direction. Or you just feel it’s time to take stock of who you have become and address that lack of energy, passion, involvement, making sure that you don’t run the risk of falling back into an old habit pattern.

There are many assessments on the market and each single one looks at a side of who you are. 

What about looking at the whole picture? After all we are all rounded individuals and our uniqueness is in the combined parts of our talents. That’s where The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) comes into the picture. It is based on energy, 7 levels of it and the way you choose to access that energy is what can potentially drain you, or recharge your batteries, giving you more creativity and the ability of being a better leader. Just to be a little more specific, we are talking not only about  physical energy but also emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Once you are aware of your energy make up and how you respond to events you can start making the changes that will help you to make almost everything achievable.

If this sounds a bit too blurry or fluffy to you, think again. Harvard Business Review can’t stop talking about energy to reconnect you to your source of power to enable you to inspire yourself and others. What’s more, your own body is made of energy and energy is what you use for everything you do. So what are you made of? What is the quality of your energy and how would you feel if you had more of it.

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