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It's all About Energy: Level 7

All and Everything

If you haven't read It's all about Energy: Level 6 you can find it here:

This is the mastery level. If you have a lot of Level 7 energy the world is your oyster. You are able to do what you want because you don't view the world through any specific lens. You are at the top of your creativity and you feel that you possess a magic wand. You control all the levels of energy and you choose the one you want to tap into. You just are and you live in a constant flow of energy.

If you feel that this is a bit too high on the scale of spirituality to grasp as concept think of a time when you felt completely free, unattached without any fear of judgement or consequences. When you expressed yourself without caring. A true feeling of freedom. True passion.

You probably saw yourself in some of the levels but if you would like to know what your energetic profile looks like and what drives your perceptions, feelings and ultimately actions contact me to take a Energy Leadership Index (ELI ) assessment. The assessment takes less that 20 minutes to complete and it is followed by a debrief where you will gain more awareness of who you are and how you act. You will also learn to better navigate those other levels of energy so you will be able to respond rather than react to the events in your life the way you desire.

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