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It's all about Energy: Level 6

Ideas, Ideas and more Ideas

If you haven't read It's all about Energy: Level 5 you can find it here:

At Level 6 you are in true creativity zone. "No matter what, I will always win" is your motto. This is because winning and performance don’t really matter. What is important is what you learn about the process and being yourself is what it is all about. You might have already experienced moments like this when everything clicks into place and you are in that space where everything is possible. Intuition comes alive and you are able to connect to everything. Level 6 feels so good you would want it to go on forever. Careful though. Spending too much time there could expose you to quite a few risks and maybe sometimes people find it difficult to grasp what you are talking about.

You can decide that from time to time it is better to step down maybe to Level 5 and reconnect.

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