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It's all about Energy: Level 4

All you need is love

If you haven't read It's all about Energy: Level 3 you can find it here:

Level 4 is all about others. You have swapped perspective. The world knocks at your door and you are happy to open and let it in. Loving and caring you have decided that you exist only through the eyes of others who you serve restlessly. You are popular and loved but all that serving is tiring and everybody wants a piece of you. “What about me?” you start to ask yourself and yes resentment is waiting for you round the corner. The risk to slip back to Level 2 (but it would make you feel so guilty!) is high so you choose the comfort of the duvet. Level 1 is so caring.

But what if there was a way of including yourself in the circle of care and compassion? Would like to know about it?

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