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It's all about Energy: Level 3

If life gives you lemons.....

If you haven't read It's all about Energy: Level 2 you can find it here:

Level 3 is the first step into anabolic energy range. When you are at Level 3 most of that anger has disappeared. You are calmer and you know how to take responsibility for your actions. Still you find difficult to expand outside yourself. Your success and your survival is still what matters at this level. You would happily share your winnings with others if necessary but ultimately each of us are on our own journey so it isn't not your concern. You are a master at rationalising and you are able to motivate yourself and others by forgiving and tolerating. You look at things through the lens of compromise. You are not really happy although you remind yourself that it could be worse after all and you settle for “good enough”. What if you can get more? Take a look at Level 4

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