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It's all about Energy: Level 2

It is either Black or White

If you haven't read It's all about Energy you can find it here:

You are always on the move and you feel your energy is flowing. This is so much better that that muddy sticky feeling of Level 1. On the edge of the sword though. Anything could trigger a crisis because at Level 2 you feel constantly about to explode. Not surprising. You probably are tired. All that anger towards the world is exhausting. When you are at Level 2 everything is black and white: good or bad: winning or losing. You telling yourself you have to do everything on your own; after all people fail you and you have to make sure that they don't betray you either so you go about your life always ready to fight.

There is a lot of energy at this level but it is consuming and it drains everyone around it. As leader you get others to do a lot but out of fear. So your level 2 spreads as a fire that destroy everything not only your energy and your career but eventually if you are in a leadership role may put your company at risk. “I get a lot done” you would say but what if it was a better way of doing it? Curious to learn about Level 3?

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