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It's all about Energy

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For those sceptics who are about to click off let me remind you: every thing exists because it has some kind of energy. Put simply: if you are tired you don't have the strength to lift a muscle, if you are well rested you feel you can take on the world. What’s more, energy influences how we act because it forms the “lens” through which we perceive the world. Take the leader who’s always in a bad mood, who creates tension wherever they go for example. That’s catabolic energy (draining, resisting) in a nutshell. This energy of worry, frustration, and blame is ultimately destructive and if left unchecked, can create a depressing, toxic environment.

Being aware at which level we operate is the first step to work towards moving to more anabolic energy (fuelling, expanding, renewing) and create a more positive change for ourselves while inspiring others to do extraordinary things, influence positive outcomes, and create incredible change within every area of their life.

We use seven different energy “levels” to describe the types of energy a person experiences and expresses. Each type of energy has inherent advantages and disadvantages and can be consciously used to reach specific goals. We rarely hang out at one level all the time and it is normal for us to cycle up and down the spectrum.


Why me?

Let's start with Level 1. The most catabolic one. When you are at Level 1 you feel drained: you might feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. No matter what you do you don’t get any results. Sometimes you think the world is against you and you retreat in yourself. The only best option is to have a drink or maybe not even that, hide under the duvet. Sounds familiar? This is the power of catabolic energy where we reserve our strength and instead of fight we decide for flight and retreat. Useful. The instinct is to protect and survive. But what if you cannot get unstuck. This lack of energy will slowly drain you. If you don't move for too long your "muscles" will waste away and it will feel even easier not to do anything.

Feel tired already? Anything is better than this. Are you ready for Level 2?

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