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Are you a true revolutionary?

Get some bending power with a little help from your coach.

Great coaching uncovers the creative part of the brain inspiring individuals and organisations to find creative solutions and developing a self awareness which translates in greater flexibility making people better leaders of themselves and others. If you are unsure how you can benefit from coaching stretching powers you should read last week Mark Carney’s Future of Work speech.

Speaking in Dublin at the Republic of Ireland’s Central Bank in honour of TK Whitaker, Mark Carney confirmed that Britain was on the verge of entering a Fourth Industrial Revolution dominated by AI, automation, biotechnology and 3D printing.

Carney stressed the necessity « to adapt to the changing situation (…) for economic success » following Whitaker belief of creating a framework that eventually will counterbalance the initial dramatic changes which are likely to «  “mercilessly destroy jobs and livelihoods — and therefore identities” in the short term. The Governor of the Bank of England also reminded us that, not differently from what happened during the previous three Industrial Revolutions we will see the « creation of new tasks for labour » after the first two effects of destruction, and productivity. In order to be successful and achieve great benefit on the long term «  People will have (…) to provide « hearts » that is, tasks that require emotional intelligence, originality or social skills such as persuasion or caring for others ». and in turn these very human skills will eventually pave a way to new ideas « where human hands may once again take over « 

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