Find Your Voice

Write Your Story


There are times in our lives when we feel we are trapped in a circle of questions with no answers in sight. When we experience this, it is difficult to know what our next steps are, let alone begin to take them.

This is where I step in and help. I am a Certified Coach and I help executives and professionals to reassess their skill sets, and optimise how to deploy their human capital, with practical and efficient solutions to get them to their full potential. 

Be at Your Best

If you are looking to take back control of your career, to let your leadership qualities take centre stage, motivating yourself and others, or if you are ready to create your personal leadership style, I will help you to reconnect and give you that sense of purpose that you may have lost, or misplaced. Through a tailored 3 step process, together, we will develop a new path, a way forward to renew your current career or help you move onto a new path.  


Discover a new perspective and a renewed sense of purpose,. Experience a new energy, a better sense of direction and a greater confidence so that you can find your voice whenever you are and write your story as you want it to be.

Simple Effective Coaching

Who Are My Clients

Coaching is all about you. I will stretch your thinking through empowering questions to better define your goals and will assist you in creating plans to achieve them. This is an exciting process where you will uncover your creative side in a way you would never imagine to be possible where you will discover what you want and who you want to be. Drawing on The Core Energy Process TM created by Bruce D Schneider, your confidence will be boosted and all aspects of your life will be affected in a new powerful way. The process is unique because you shape it the way you want. Revolutionary because it is truly yours

My clients are often extremely successful individuals. They may be secure and stable, but somewhere they lost the passion and enthusiasm they once had. They sometimes feel that they have more to offer and want to step up and be more visible. Or it may be that they are looking to change direction and they are struggling with the decision process, worried they are “too old” or don’t have the required skills. 

I have helped them to work through these questions and find those “impossible solutions” through simple and practical steps and give them the kickstart they have been looking for.

Let's make a difference

A Three Step Process


In the Discover phase you are going to meet yourself. You will learn about your make up, what makes you tick and what pushes your buttons. You will also identify your skills and find those you were not aware you had. This deep dive stage explores any anxiety, fears or doubt you may experience in certain situations.


You will target any resistance and any block you may have that keep you from reaching your full potential. Learn what drains you or what makes those decisions so difficult to take. In the Uncover phase you will learn how to better react to different stressful situations and acquire useful mechanisms to cope. You will be able to create meta plans to help you move towards achieving what you really want.


The most exciting phase. Here you work with your old and your newly discovered strengths and you will create plans that work for you using the AIM SMART approach. I will be there to guide your thoughts, discuss ideas. You will have full control during the session. Every plan will be achievable at the pace you choose setting you up to successfully achieve your ultimate goal 

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